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The Aven/hollo


Fine Artist

We bridge artists to the art
world, managing essential
tasks, allowing artists to
concentrate on their craft
and gain industry

Boutique Retail

We represent boutique retail
shops offering tailored marketing
strategies and brand elevation to help
them stand out in a crowded

Fine Dining

Representing exceptional
restaurants and visionary chefs. We’re dedicated to promoting exquisite cuisine and
elevating their culinary

Award Winning


Our agency represents award-winning talents in
several creative fields. These accomplished
individuals have earned critical acclaim for their
creative excellence, setting new standards in
their respective fields.

We are proud to be your partner in crafting success stories.

the Aven/Hollo Agency

What We Offer

Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media, Interior Design and More

Graphic Design

Enhance your brand with our
graphic design services. Our
skilled team creates eye-
catching designs that make
your message shine in a
crowded market.

Marketing Design

We create custom marketing
designs that grab attention
and deliver results for our
clients’ businesses.
Delivering results to clients in
various fields.

Interior Design

Our experts will turn your store into a stylish and inviting shopping
environment tailored to your
brand’s identity and
customer experience. Bringing your brand identity to life.

Years of Experience
Projects Completed
Awards Winning Clients
Professional Team



Our Pricing

Our service prices are competitive and ensure you receive top-notch quality everytime time. We offer transparent pricing structures that cater to various budgets, Contact us for specific prices.

Our Expertise

25 Years of Experience

From the artistry of graphic design to the strategic brilliance of social media marketing, and the elegance of boutique and fine dining interior design, our team embodies expertise in every facet of business.

Graphic Design Projects Completed
Marketing and Social Media Projects Completed
Interior Design Projects Completed

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